Congratulations to all selected students in Drive 17th and 18th of December 2020 with Accenture LTD. Total 34 Students selected in same and higher salary taker is Mr. Rajesh Kumar R. (3.8PLA)
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"About Fexmy Consulting"
Fexmy Consulting Pvt Ltd

Fexmy Consulting established in June 2015 with motto of 100% placement service for IT Job Seekers.

Since established we are always prefer joining of our every registered students.

At the time after establishment in 2015 we had only 15 clients (Companies) with we are working, and now in 2020 we have 750+ MNC and CMM level 3-4 Companies working with us, with full of satisfaction of recruitment solutions provided by Fexmy Consulting.

Fexmy Consulting is not only take care of Clients but also take more care of our every student. Because we understand the need of more help is not for to Job Recruiters is only for Job Seekers.

We always try to make our every student perfect for Interview by providing important Interview notes and study material time to time as per interview schedules to our every student.

Fexmy Consulting also help our every student after their placement also, we always take care of our relationship with our each and every student and client personally.

We did our every students dream fulfill to work with reputed companies with their interest of area in work.

Fexmy Consulting is total depend and believe only on hard work, we trust on it because its really best and respectful. Fexmy Consulting never need any special advertisement and all, because we trust only on work and perfect result. Fexmy Consulting believe on, when we recruit one single student in company by our help-by our reference then those single student give us minimum 20 to 30 new students within week, that means if we join minimum 30 students within a one month then we get minimum 400-600 students in next coming month and we placed those new 400 students then we have minimum 800-1000 students for next recruitment. It is a simple solution and Fexmy Consulting trust on it. We believe only on work and our earlier result of recruitment. It will be beneficial to Fexmy Consulting with Students as well as Clients.

Fexmy Consulting never delete their data of placed students, because we think our every student is special for us and Fexmy Consulting is here on top in recruitment firms is only because of our joined and recruited students. And we always help them to next platform after experience of job.

Fexmy Consulting is one and only recruitment firm in India who provide Life Time Membership to our every students. We have fixed registration charges but we charge only once for Life Time, when student register with us they need to pay once only, no need to pay again for any reason, Fexmy Consulting never charge a any single rupees after registration. Not for renew, not for re-registration, not for call, not for schedule and all and all. One time registration.. Life time benefits..

Fexmy Consulting is one and only recruitment firm who never charge our students again and again for any reason. We understand, who people searching job, who are job seekers, who is frosted for job after higher qualification why and how they can pay every time, Fexmy Consulting understand all need of job seekers always.

In short..
Fexmy Consulting is
India’s one and only Recruitment firm who works with 750+ IT Companies in India.
India’s one and only Recruitment firm who always take care of relation not only with client but also with student.
India’s one and only Recruitment firm who have Life Time Membership without extra fees.
India’s one and only Recruitment firm who never charge again and again to students.
India’s one and only Recruitment firm who never trust on social media web and other marketing sources.
India’s one and only Recruitment firm who believe on work and earlier result of recruitment.
India’s one and only Recruitment firm who always help student also after recruitment.
India’s one and only Recruitment firm who understand the need of job seekers, always.
India’s one and only Recruitment firm where you need to register yourself.

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