Congratulations to all selected students in Drive 17th and 18th of December 2020 with Accenture LTD. Total 34 Students selected in same and higher salary taker is Mr. Rajesh Kumar R. (3.8PLA)
Fexmy Consulting Pvt Ltd
FAQ Premium Recruitment
What is Registration charges?
- Registration Charges for Fexmy Consulting Pvt Ltd is Rs 1950/-only (One thousand nine hundred and fifty only)

Registration is transferable?
- Registration is not transferable.
Every interview of registered student is conducted personally, no one register student can share interview schedules with friends or family. Interview is conducted only for Fexmy Consulting Pvt Ltd’s registered student.

Registration fee is refundable?
- YES!! Registration fee is refundable if Fexmy Consulting Pvt Ltd can not schedule your interview within 20 working days after your registration.

What is benefits of Registration?
- Fexmy Consulting Pvt Ltd charge only once for your Life time benefits. Our every student register under only Life Time Membership. No hidden or any other charges after registration.

Any extra or other fees after registration?
- No any fees or charges applicable after joining by company or by Fexmy Consulting Pvt Ltd.

What is the benefits for Interview?
- Fexmy Consulting Pvt Ltd cannot send registered students into walk-in. If any schedules under walk-in by company then Fexmy Consulting Pvt Ltd’s registered student always get preference for joining and selection process.

When we get Interview notes and study material?
- Interview notes and study material will be provide to every registered student before interview schedule, on depend of company update.

How we get interview details?
- All Interview schedules and other details will be provide to our every registered students by online on registered Email address.

Can we change job location?
- Every registered student need to update their job location if they change their current living location (by City)

What we do if we did not received any schedule mails?
- If any registered student didn’t get any mails within working 3-4 days, they must need to confirm us by sending mail on
Website FAQs

General issues:
If you’re experiencing problems using the Fexmy website here are a few tips which could help:

Check that you’re using a supported browser. We recommend Internet Explorer 7 or above, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

Check that your web browser has Cookies enabled. (Find out more about how to enable cookies from Google.)

If you’re using a computer at work, you may find your company has firewall restrictions on your network which restrict and block some functionality. Contact your IT department for further information.

Why should I register with Fexmy?
Online registration takes under a minute and lets you set up personalised job searches and job alerts. You tell us about the jobs you’re interested in and we will email the you with the latest jobs within your area of expertise and preferred locations.

I tried to create an account, but I got an error message saying the email address I was using had already been registered.
This email address is already in use. Try logging in again making sure you are using the correct email and password, or try creating a new account using a different email address.

I want to reset my Fexmy password.
To reset your password click on the Log In link on the Fexmy homepage. Under the Log In window there is a ‘Forgot Password’ link. This will only work if you have previously validated your account.

How can I update my details with Fexmy?
When you’ve logged in to, click on the ‘My Account’ link to update your details.

I am a Firefox (Mozilla) user and I’m being prompted for a SSL Certificate.
If you accept and manually download, you will be able to continue using the site.

I visited the site recently, but have issues today with pages not displaying as expected.
There has been a recent update to the website, this will require you to clear your cache. (Find out how to clear your browser's cache.)

I’ve forgotten my username - how do I log in?
Your username is always the email address you registered with.

I’ve forgotten my password - how do I get a new one?
There’s a ‘Forgotten your password?’ link on the login page, which will take you through all the steps to reset your password.

I would like my details removed from
Please contact us using the Contact Form, or email us at with your request.

I would like to remove my job alerts.
Log into your Account and beside each job alert you have an option to edit or delete. Use the delete option for each alert you no longer require.

Job seeker FAQs

How do I search for jobs?
Our job search engine has been improved to make it easier to find the right jobs for you. You can now save your searches and create job alerts based on your choices to keep you informed about the latest jobs, wherever you are.

How do I get better search results?
Provide us with as much information as possible on the search form. Try searching within different industries or professions, or widening your search area. Try using different keywords to refine your search.

How do I apply for jobs?
When you find a job you’re interested in applying for we will ask you to contact the Fexmy Consultant who is managing that position. You can either fill in your details online or give the consultant a ring. We’ll take you through the next stages from there.

How do I find the contact details for my local Fexmy office?
You can find full details for all of Fexmy offices through our office locator.

I’m having problems submitting my CV.
The most common issue when uploading a CV to Fexmy is that it’s in an incorrect format. Please ensure:

The format is either .doc, .docx, .rtf or .txt
The file format is in lower case .doc, not .DOC
The file size for a CV is below 500kB

Employer FAQs

How do I find a candidate for a role?
You can search our online candidate database through our search candidates page. Our candidate search engine allows you to tailor your search to help find the perfect candidate for your business.

How do I advertise a vacancy?
Visit our Recruiting now page to find the quickest and easiest way to register your vacancy.

Still got a problem?
Please answer the following questions, and include a contact number on the form so we can contact you if required.

What browser you are using?
What Operating System you are using?
Whether you are working from an Office or Home PC?
If your cookies are enabled on your browser?
If you have validated your account via the email link sent to you?
If you have seen any error messages or browser alerts? If so, please provide details.
Any other information you feel may be relevant.

Cut and paste your answers onto our customer care form to help us resolve your issue.
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